The Most Common Mistakes While Painting A Kitchen

Residential Painting

Taking a painting service is probably one of the easiest method of making your kitchen look brand new and that’s too without relying on a a thorough remodel. No matter which type of colour you choose, from crisp sage green, calm off-white, eye-catching rocking blue hue or velvety red, freshly coloured kitchen walls and cabinets can alter the entire look of your kitchen.

If you are handling the kitchen painting project on your own, then trust us, it would be one of the most inexpensive DIY house painting Roseville. While doing this project, surely you would surely wish to sidestep some most common mistakes. Otherwise, your entire effort can go into water and finally you would end up having messy looking cabinets and chipped paints.

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Hence, it is necessary to know some crucial points which should be remembered while taking a painting service for your kitchen. Below we would discuss some common mistakes usually people do. We got these tips from the first hand experience of pro experts. So let’s see what you should not do while taking a kitchen painting service.

Not Putting Off the Doors

Most people often apply a paint coating on the doors of kitchen cabinet without removing them. This can result in dripping and uneven painting. Hence its crucial to put the doors off and keep them in a separated place while applying paint on the cabinet doors. This can not only help you in getting a smoother finish but also prevent you from bumping on the doors.

Not Doing The Appropriate Preparation

Inappropriate preparation before paint application is probably one of the biggest mistake that almost 90% of homeowners do. Painting the kitchen walls and cabinets may seem an easy chore but in reality it is actually not. It is highly important to prepare the walls and cabinet of a kitchen including necessary repairs, primer application, dust removal, cloth cleaning and many more. If all these are not maintained properly, then you may not be able to get a desired look.

Not Covering the Other Accessories

Another notable mistake that are done by most people is not covering the other parts of you kitchen. If you are taking a painting service for your kitchen walls, it is necessary to cover all the other parts of your kitchen like flooring, appliance, accessoriess or cabinets with plastic and clothes. This can save all of them from random splatters and drips of paints.

Thick Layering

Painting the kitchen walls and flooring make the surface durable, and ideal for daily use. To make the kitchen perfect, people often mtime apply thick paint layering on them which is actually wrong. Applying multiple layers of thin enamel paint can help you achieve the durability and smoothness.

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So, if you also are going to paint your kitchen, avoid doing these four mistakes as they can create obstacles in getting the desired look of your kitchen. So it is always suggested to contact a reputed painting service in Roseville to get the best desired look of your kitchen.

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