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Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Kolkata

A Brief Account About Cheque Bounce Charges

Before talking about the cheque bounce charges, you must know what cheque bounce is all about. Usually, banks issue cheques to their customers so that they can make payments. The bank account users issue these cheques to the clients to whom they owe some charges. Filling up the cheques is very crucial so that the banks accept the cheques and make the payment. The whole process is smooth. However, the ...

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Divorce Lawyer in Kolkata

How to Avoid Alimony in India-Things You Must Know

Paying alimony is a part of divorce cases in India. Usually, the husband is supposed to pay alimony to his wife as compensation for her living. However, the alimony laws depend on many things and that is why having good knowledge about the process is important even if you are not planning to apply for a divorce. The knowledge of how to avoid alimony in India is important and that ...

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Arbitration Vs Mediation-A Few Noticeable Differences

Legal procedures are often very technical and that is why the processes are often complicated as well. The role of the courts, lawyers, and advocates is becoming increasingly important. However, all legal disputes are not the same and that is why they require diverse treatments and that is why the implication of the terms like ‘arbitration’ and ‘mediation’ has increased rather significantly in recent years. Also Read : Know the Difference ...

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What is the Objective Associated with Civil Procedure Code?

A civil procedure code refers to an adjective law that deals with administering almost all types of civil proceedings. It deals with the processes related to enforcing liabilities and rights that are determined according to regulations associated with substantive law. The code helps in determining the law that deals with the regulation of the processes that are followed in a civil court. It is regarded to be among the most vital ...

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Difference Between Sale and Agreement to Sell! Upgrade Your Knowledge Here!

The terms like sale, contract, and agreement of sale are close to one another and that is why ordinary people may need a clearer idea about difference between sale and agreement sale . For a better understanding of these terms, let’s have a close look at these terms first: Also Read : Know How to File a Civil suit in India Sale Under Section 54 of Transfer of property, the experts define the ...

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Cyber Lawyer in Kolkata

Essential Knowledge about Credit Card Frauds in India

Credit cards are modern facilities that all major banks bring to their customers. However, they do not issue these cards to every customer. Actually, using credit cards is very technical. Customers can use these cards to purchase anything without having a penny in their pocket. Usually, the cards carry some cash value that the users can use to purchase or pay some bills. Every customer needs to pay the money ...

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Enrich and Upgrade Your Knowledge About Overtime Payment Rules

Working in private establishments is often very tiresome as the employees are subjected to work at least 10-12 hours every day, except for the weekly holidays. However, many establishments make their employees work for   extra hours and they pay them additionally for those extended hours. This service of extended hours is called   overtime. Usually, the payment for the  overtime duration is not calculated normally. If you are working in a ...

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A Brief Account of Gift Deeds of Property Rules in India

Everyone loves gifts! You may hardly people who do not like gifts. However, it is different that some people accept it open-heartedly and open-mindedly, whereas others cannot realize that. The value of a gift multiplies quite a few times if it is related to a gift that includes property. Everyone who is planning to gift a property to someone closer to their heart, then they need to complete all the ...

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Know How To File A Civil Suit in India

Before you actually decide to file a civil suit against someone in India, you must know what exactly a civil lawsuit is. Here is a brief idea on the civil suit. A civil suit is a legal procedure to settle matters that are not exactly criminal offenses. In the opinion of legal experts, the civil suit can be explained as a matter that does not involve any criminal offense in ...

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Divorce Vs Legal Separation-Differences You Must Know

No matter what religion you follow or what faith you trust, marriage is one of the most auspicious practices that unite two people of opposite sexes and their families who follow sometimes separate traditions, religions, and practices. The responsibility to make the marriage successful rests on the shoulder of both the husband and the wife. However, things often go wrong and the marriage often fails. In such a situation, the ...

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