Study and Student Visa Canada cost: Overall Details

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A good choice for study abroad locations is Canada. The fact that there are several ways to pay for your education in Canada makes up for the high cost of attendance. Canada offers everything, from numerous part-time career options to well-funded scholarships, and that’s why student visa Canada cost different from other countries.

Tuition for the first year of the course: The largest component of the overall cost of studying in Canada for Indian students is their tuition costs. If you are accepted by a designated learning institute (DLI) in Canada, you may be required to pay tuition for the first year of your study when you receive your letter of admission. The cost of attending an international school in Canada varies depending on the institution, the length of the program, the discipline, and whether it is an undergraduate or graduate program. However, it should be emphasized that tuition fees in Canada are only somewhat more expensive for international students than they are in other well-known study destinations like the US and Australia. The average price of attending a university in Canada is between 20,000 and 60,000 CAD, yet the type of institution you choose will also affect the price.

Student visa Canada cost

About CAD 150 is required to apply for a study permit in Canada (Approx INR 9100)

However, your costs will go beyond just your Canadian university tuition for international students. Due to the fact that you will be living and studying overseas, you will need to make additional payments. As a result, a variety of other considerations, like accommodation, transportation, food, health insurance, and so on, affect the anticipated overall cost of studying in Canada. Your total costs for studying in Canada as well as your daily budget depend on the city you choose to call home.

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