Future Development Trends Affecting the Packaging Industry

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Around the globe, cardboard box manufacturers near me provide essential services to people and enterprises. Numerous studies and publications have previously been written to provide analysis and forecasts about the future of this significant product in this sector.

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Online Shopping

E-commerce retail sales are still growing exponentially; estimates place the increase in e-commerce trade in Europe at 20% annually.

There is a growing need for secondary corrugated board packaging that is reasonably priced due to the complicated logistics chain involved in direct-to-consumer deliveries. E-commerce shipments are anticipated to be handled up to 20 times or more during ordinary distribution.

The conversion business is under pressure from brand owners, as many companies need the secondary pack to project their image outside retail stores and into homes. Because of this, converters are under more pressure to provide excellent graphic graphics for the shippers.

Fit for the Product

Fit-to-product (FTP) or box-on-demand systems have emerged from e-commerce, mostly in response to the demands of devoted e-commerce vendors. This technique makes it possible to produce secondary packaging specifically tailored to the size and form of the packaged object. This eliminates the need for the final user to have vast stocks of standard-sized boxes, which often need a lot of filler material.


As sustainability becomes more of a concern across the value chain,eco friendly packaging supplier is becoming increasingly popular in packaging since it is simple to recycle, and the pulp and paper sector is already skilled at turning it into new types of containerboard. Because of these characteristics, corrugated protective forms have become more popular than polymer-based substitutes like expanded polystyrene (EPS) foams.

Growth of Digital Printing

Though still in its infancy, the corrugated industry has shown an increasing desire for process adoption as the need for digital print develops. As a result, solutions are now being designed to address the needs of the high-volume liner and post-print industries.

The opportunity to tailor brands, regions, shops, or individuals, savings on setup costs, run-length flexibility, and the degree of quality are now achievable thanks to the newest approach, and all of these factors combine to provide an ideal environment for development potential for converters and printers.


Comprehensive market data for the present and future demand for corrugated packaging is included in The Future of Corrugated Packaging to 2024.

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