Embrace Blue and White this Summer for Your Residential Apartments in Kolkata

Residential Apartments in Kolkata

Some residential apartments are often regarded as the epitome of luxury in the modern era. Thus, decorating them with the most aesthetic design and the interior is a dream many homeowners harbor. There are several top flats in B.T Road Kolkata. Especially the ones developed by Starom Millenia are so luxurious that you will want to paint and decorate them in the most beautiful way possible. With summer coming in, colors soothing to your eyes, such as blue and white, become trending for the interior of your home.

Incorporate Blue and White this Summer for Your Residential Apartments in Kolkata

Create an Elegant Living Room for Your Flats in B.T Road Kolkata with Blue and White

The color scheme of blue and white is straightforward to implement in the living area. Your work is almost complete if you already have an elegant backdrop in all white and primarily neutral-colored furnishings. Simply add a few blue accent cushions, traditional Chinese vases, or other blue items, and you’ve got yourself a great blue and white living room. With summer coming, the beach style is a great way to incorporate blue and white into your décor, and some simple decor pieces with a nautical pattern can help you keep the theme current.

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White and Blue Bedrooms for the Residential Apartments in Kolkata

Because there are several different hues of blue, choosing the apt one to go with white in the bedroom can be challenging. On the contrary to the living room, here is the place to go for a bold, over-the-top color. The bedroom is a safe and private haven that should reflect your unique style while also serving as a peaceful retreat. A strong Ocean Blue or Aqua accent wall looks lovely when paired with white. Allow your bed linens, duvets, and pillows to complement this color scheme, and make sure that any dark corners are illuminated in your flats in B.T Road Kolkata.

Create a Stylish Kitchen with White and Blue

Blue and white kitchens are undoubtedly the most popular worldwide, ranging from vintage and farmhouse to modern and minimalist. Maybe it’s the relaxed ambiance they exude or its well-blend texture with the dining room and living room; whatever the case may be, the kitchen painted with blue and white is simply irresistible. However, the cabinets determine the ultimate look of the kitchen. It also helps determine how to style the kitchen island with the materials utilized and the backsplash. Blue cabinetry and white counters with glossy lacquered finishes are common in contemporary kitchens and elevate the look of your kitchen in the residential apartments in Kolkata.

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Blue and White Bathrooms for Your Flats in B.T Road Kolkata

The most exciting shades of blues and glossy white shades appear to be much more enticing when used in the bathroom, with Caribbean Blue, Bahamas Blue, and bright Turquoise! Combine gentle blues with white and a vintage bathtub for a relaxing, tranquil, and opulent classic or transitional bathroom. Just add some matching towels and toiletries, and you’re ready for a nice swim in your residential apartments in Kolkata.

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