Create a Safe Yet Cute Nursery for Your Kids in Kolkata Flats

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Now that you have moved into your dream heaven, in one of the top high-rise apartments in Kolkata, you must be contemplating how to make your child’s nursery safe and cute at the same time. Your child is a gift from heaven, and the little one surely deserves the best that money can buy. At the same time, it should be safe from untoward accidents that can injure your baby. Here we will provide you with some of the tips to make your child’s corner safe and cute at your flat near metro station Kolkata.

Be Careful About the Crib!

Your child rests and plays and spends most of the time in a crib. Therefore, while buying your crib, you must make sure that the slats shouldn’t be less than 8 inches apart so that your child’s head doesn’t get stuck and cause injury. The cribs must not have decorative knobs or other elements that cause wounds.

Keep the Crib, Playpen, and Other Low-Standing Furniture Away from the Window!

While you plan to create a nursery for your kid at the best flat near metro station Kolkata, you must keep away all the low-standing furniture in your kid’s room from the window. Moreover, there must be window guards and cordless window covering. There should not be any hanging cords at the window, which might cause strangulation.

Store Toys and Other Items of Your Baby in Containers Without Lids

The next thing you should consider is where to store the accessories and toys for your kids at the top high-rise apartments in Kolkata. Use bins and boxes without a lid. Any lid may fall on the hands of your baby, thereby causing accidents.

Try using a play protector in the electrical outlets. The colors used in the nursery should be bright, and the paint should be water-soluble. All these aspects would make your kid’s nursery safe and cute and a dreamland at best in high-rise apartments in Kolkata.

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