3 Things to Check before Booking Jeep Safari at Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park Charges

Among all the famous tourist attractions in Uttarakhand, Jim corbett National Park stands as the perfect place for adventure and wildlife lovers in India. The wildlife safari offered by the Jim Corbett National Park forest officials provides an engaging and enthralling experience to all visitors. There are three types of safaris offered at Corbett National Park: jeep safari, canter safari, and elephant safari.

However, among all the three different safari options, the jeep safari is the most famous among tourists. People often face the common issue of how to book the best safari package, what is the procedure, and what are the Jim Corbett National Park Charges for safari, etc. But before deciding to book the jeep safari, you should prefer to check a few things:

Timings of the Safari:

The forest officials of Jim Corbett National Park allow safaris in two different shifts and every safari isn’t allowed in every zone. So, whenever you are planning your trip to Jim Corbett National Park, prefer to choose your zone first and decide on a time that is comfortable for the group you are traveling with. Jeep safari, being the most demanded safari option, is offered in all the available zones. The usual shifts of jeep safari include:

  • Morning Time: 6:00 AM – 9.30 AM
  • Evening Time: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

However, the timings may vary with season changes.

Availability :

The Jim Corbett National Park remains populated with tourists almost throughout the year. Therefore, checking the availability of safari bookings as well as accommodations is extremely necessary. While you plan on going on a trip to the national park, prefer to look for a reliable tour executive. They are proficient enough to provide you with every detail about the safari options, packages, and their availability during the time you are planning your trip.

Charges :

As you are planning a trip, you surely should have a budget. Before fixing your budget for visiting the national park, it is always advised to consult a reliable tour executive or tour and travel company. They can give you an idea about the possible charges for booking the safari package, the permit, booking a hotel, etc. which can be a factor for your trip. The charges offered for a jeep safari are usually INR 5000 for Indian visitors and INR 12,000 for visitors from abroad.

By knowing about the above-mentioned criteria and other jim corbett national park Charges, booking your trip and fixing your budget will become much easier. What keeps you waiting then? Book your jeep safari package today!

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